Hello student editors and visitors:

This is the new WordPress site for the UC Merced Undergraduate Research Journal (UCMURJ). It was created by one of our student editors during the Fall of 2013. The purpose of this page is to keep everyone up-to-date on the history of the UCMURJ since I inherited it in the Spring of 2013. This journal is very important to the UC Merced community both on and off campus. It highlights the best and brightest minds that have put their efforts into performing some type of research on campus. Thus, the research that is highlighted in this journal is interdisciplinary and represents a wide range of fields and disciplines across the campus. These fields range from the Natural Sciences to the Humanities and they often cross paths with research-based Creative Writing that is unique to our journal. In addition to the interdisciplinary nature of this journal, this journal also reflects the hard work of the student editors who make the final journal publication possible.This journal is student-led and, thus, each journal reflects the persona and character of each group of student editors that is present and working during any given semester.

On this blog, you will see various pages that reflect the various roles of each one of the editors. However, since this is only our second semester, you will not see too much history just yet. The purpose of this blog is to build that history and provide necessary reflections, feedback and direction for future student editors. While each semester brings new challenges, it is wise to learn from past trials as well as successes. One of the successes that the journal has achieved is it current location and publication on escholarship.org, which “provides Open-Access scholarly publishing services to the University of California and delivers a dynamic research platform to scholars worldwide”. Because of our presence on Escholarship. many students want to publish in our journal, thus with each successive semester, it is our goal to make the journal improve and be an effective and aesthetic representation of UC Merced Undergraduate Research. I am glad you have visited our site and I look forward to working with and talking with you in the future.

For the latest issue of our journal on Escholarship go to: http://escholarship.org/uc/ucm_mwp_ucmurj